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Supplier of Upvc door window profile with lamination (Pidosan-aline-interpen)

We ll try to give some information about lamination of upvc profiles.

İf you need a colered door or window you need to have colored upvc profile first.

Acording to the region that you ll apply your doors and windows you have get some special lamination foil on your profiles. If it is avarage Just random foils can be enough for your case but if you live in very hot or very cold regions you might get some special lamination materials on your upvc profiles which ll be the part of your doors and windows.

You can get your windows as white which has no lamination Just same as it is extruded, and black ,brown extruded with other all type of lamination colors aplied on top of the raw profiles.. Such as golden oak lamination, nussbaum lamination, black lamination, silver lamination, Norman oak lamination, mohangany lamination, natural oak lamination, and many other colors even green, red, pink…But suppliers have general colors in stocks so you might pay extra and wait extra for alternative colors.In the near future we ll also share some videos of how to laminate upvc profiles as the costumer demand.

If you need to get more detailed information you can contact with below contact adress.

contact person: MİKAİL KILIÇLI

email: mk@pidosan.com

cell:0090 533 592 15 43 (whats app)

phone: 0090 312 343 51 81 –  ext:1010

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