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20 fcl /40 fcl/40 hc/container upvc profile loading(Upvc profile Loading for export)


When you ll load some profiles for export reason, you need to know some details.

Your goods ll go to target country by sea cargo or road cargo?

If you say that we ll sent it by sea cargo then you need a container .You need to decide acording to your goods volume what type of container you ll organize..(You can see the details of container capacities below). But you also have to be carefull about your limit weight.Some countries have some limit kgs,so you dont have to have overload. If you say that we ll sent it by truck ,you can arrange your truck(you can find some options for capacity of trucks ,i ll share sıme size below.)

20 fcl container loading:The size of 20 fcl container L:5,88x W:2,33x H:2,28 meter.  If you are loading pvc profiles for doors and windows acording to type of the profile,number of profile in the packet and series of the profile you can put about 250 to 300 packets of profiles.. You need to make sure that your profile size has to be maximum 5.80 meter if your container is 20 fcl.

40 HC container loading:L:12,00X W: 2,33X H:2,69 (meter)

If you are loading 40 hc container ,you can load about 525 to 575 packet acording the series of profiles,numbers of profile in a packet and type of the profiles. Your profile size can be 5.95 meter as best.

Maxima Treyler Loading..L:13,60X W: 2,48X H:2,72 (METER) if you are loading truck ,you can load about 550 to 600 packet acording the series of profile,number of profiles in packet and type of the profiles. Your profile size can be 6.5 meter as best.İf you full this truck with full profiles you can have about 26 tonnes profiles and aditional accessories it can be even 28 tonnes .you need make sure your limit kg.İf you have 22 tonnes,24 tonnes,25 tonnes acording different  countries you have to have some gaps to catch that target kg.

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