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Cleaning upvc profiles parts of upvc doors and windows

We ll give you some tips about how to keep clean your doors and windows’ upvc profile parts..

You have to clean your windows and doors regularly. Such as once a week or 2, 3 times in a month. If you do so you ll have no issue with your profiles. But if you leave the dust on your windows and it gets a layer on your profile such as 1, 2 years. It might give some damages to your profiles.It might change the color of your upvc materials from white to yellow even black…

If you have yellow or black layer after some years without clean on ur upvc, you can use some soft chemicals which is not harsh one. İt can clear your upvc after some soft wiping.please see the video and see how you can clear ur upvc.

You have to have some regular cleaning for saving your upvc  profiles which ll  keep your windows better  more longer time than that you are expected.


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