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How to import upvc profile or pvc doors windows, from Turkey

For intrernational purchase of upvc profile or upvc doors and windows (import), the costumer has to aware of the total process of import from Turkey.

First, costumer and supplier has to agree on the details of the materials(quality, size, color etc) , cost, delivery and payment term, delivery time, paper works(what type of spesific document required from importer’s costume. Costumer has to confirm this with his costume agent before the agrement of production.

When all the details of the order are agreed by both parties,

1-Supplier (exporter)has to sent Pi(proforma invoice) to importer.

2-Buyer(importer) has to sign and seal(whoever sign and seal he, she/it  has to follow all the next steps-means all steps has to be done same real or company name such as, who transfer the money, who ll have the invoice, all names has to fit each other) and email confirmed Pi to supplier.

3-As on the Pi, down payment has to be transfered to suppliers account by bank by the same costumer name as shown as Pi.

4-Production starts and it finishes as shown on Pi(if any delay costumer has to be informed)

5-Before couple days of completing production, exporter contacts to importer about loading step.

6-if loadig agreed on Pi, as exw, fob, cfr, cif… Both side have to have some steps with their logistic companies for arranging container volume(20fcl,40 fcl, 40 hc) , loading time and loading cost details.

Loading details:

Exw:Deliver at factory(importer organize container)

Fob:Deliver at port on ship at Turkey port(importer organize container, Turkish side of logistic is paid by supplier.Rest is paid by importer)

Cfr:Sent the goods to importers port(container organized by supplier and cost paid by supplier till the port of importer)

Cif: Supplier sent the goods importer’s port and make insurance on the container, and cost paid by supplier.

There are also othet type of delivery methods but these are most common.

7-when the time of loading come, forwarder sents the container to the loading area. Container is loaded and sent to the port of loading. (Turkish invoice, check list, English invoice are prepared and sent to costume agent.)

These are very basic explanation of the steps of export from Turkey.The following video ll explain about more details of paper works of export from Turkey.

If you export or import from Turkey you might have a look the video. Hope u can get some benefits from the video.

contact person: MİKAİL KILIÇLI

email: mk@pidosan.com

cell:0090 533 592 15 43 (whats app)

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