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How to load container and truck with upvc doors and windows(20 fcl, 40 fcl, 40 hc, truck)

    Pidosan company sents its goods about 30 countries.

Such as Azerbayjan,Iraq,France, Malta,Qatar,Peru,Oman,K.S.A,Kosova, Macedonia,Germany, Cameroon,Libya, Algeria,Usa,Georgia,Austria,Lebanon,ivory cost, Ghana, Senegal, Turkmenistan, Portugal, Uk, Belgium..

Company has 3 brands known as Pidosan, Aline and Interpen. For upvc doors and windows Pidosan brand is used in common but for upvc  profile case Aline and Interpen brands are used mainly..

In this pragraph we ll try to explain how to load 20 fcl container, 40 fcl container, 40 hc container, truck with upvc doors and windows.

If you have standart size of doors windows, packing can be also standart but if you dont have standart size doors windows, our packing and logistic department make some arrangements. They try to find an optimum option to fill your container with best possible piece of doors and windows.

İf we talk some avarage upvc doors and windows size, (60 series upvc profile and 1 meter width x 1.5 meter height) about 150-225 sqm of upvc doors windows can be put in to 20 fcl container, 450-600 sqm of upvc doors windows in to 40 fcl, 500-600sqm of upvc doors windows in to 40 hc container, and about 600-700 sqm upvc doors windows in to a truck. But please be aware these are the best loading combination stuation. Many times cause some obstacles which comes from the unstandart size we cant reach that optimum sqm targets..

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