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How to produce double glass for upvc doors and windows(Pidosan-Aline-İnterpen)step6

We visited one of the biggest Turkish upvc doors and windows producer and exporter company and upvc profile manufacturer,and exporter  Pidosan company and got some useful information about production of double glass systems from glass production department representer Ms.Güliz AKAY.She explained about the production of double glass in details.In Pidosan company they have 7 steps for having a perfect double glass product.

1-Putting panel glass in to company storage properly.

2-Cutting glass according to requested size and specs.

3-Arranging aluminum spacer size and filling  with molecular sieve.

4-Applying butyl based sealent on aluminum for better insulation.

5-Washing glass before coupling .

6-Pressing to have double glass

7-Applying polysulfide sealent for having solid and insulated double glass.

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