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How to remove old protective folio from upvc doors and windows?

 One of the main questions that we have from our end user costmers is how we can clean our upvc doors and windows.

1-dont use harsh chemicals such as bleech.

2-Try to clean regularly once a week or twice a month with water and natural soap kind of cleaner.

3-Dont leave dusts, and pılutions on your windows for along time under the sunshine. (it can give damage to your profiles color and shape ,if no clean couple years)

4-Besides natural soaps you may try some soft cleaners which can be used for cleaning wood and furniture.

  • 5-if you also left the protective folio long time on the window after installation you may have some trouble to take it off from the face of the windows.You can put some hot water on the protective  folio  first to let the glue get some easy form to remove, then you can apply the cleaner type that we introduced you in the video.

If you have any question you can leave a comment.

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