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Protective foil of Upvc door window profile

We ll give some information about pvc protective foils. While Upvc doors and windows profiles are being produced, the producers cover the face of the profiles with protective foils, and they press their brands and logos on this foil.

One of the main reasons to cover this foil is to protect the facade of pvc profiles from dangerous sun shines and external pollution source before the installation.

The other reason is companies use this area as a good advertisement area. They put their logo and give their messages to their distributors and end users.

  1. Keep the protective foil on the upvc profiles till your doors and windows to be installed its final position. As soon as it is installed, and the construction is over in the project Just take the foil off. Otherwise it ll be very hard to remove it from the face of the pvc profiles.. The sun shines will make the foil stuck on the profiles of the doors and windows..
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