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How to choose right upvc doors and windows? Step 9 Fly Screen Type

How to select right doors and windows?(Choosing proper doors and windows guidance)

In order to have best door and window you need to follow the steps given below properly.if you do each step exactly,you ll have great doors windows which ll give you perfect performance

please decide on one good option for your requested doors and windows.

1-Material Type (pvc-aliminum-wood)

2- Open Type(tilt and turn open systems -slider(basic,volkswagen,hebesheiebe)-vasistas(open top and down)

3-Design Type(right configuration acording to its place and required u values)

4-Profile Series Type(open or slider profiles and systems)

5-Color Type(white or laminated)

6-Glass Type(single,double,triple),(clasical,uv glass,tempered glass,acoustic glass,laminated glass)

7-Reinforcement Bar Type(many diferents specs for right combination 1mm to 2 mm)

8-Accessories Type(handles,espagnolette,hinges,locks..)

9- Fly Secreen Type(basic,slider,piled secreen )

10-Roller shutter Type(pvc mono block,aliminum outside install,lento type)

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